Uploading Iframe — doesn't stop a player Online radio, how to fix?

Hello, Dear experts!
The problem is this. Long enough, I launched the site "Online radio" and successfully closed it, but after a while I again took this project, I restored previously created backup of the website. There was such a problem that the "Online player" by clicking on "play" - starts the audio stream of the broadcast, but when you click on "pause" again to continue to play the stream.
The player is added to the pages in the IFrame. If you open the file without the iframe player browser, player works perfectly as play and pause. Namely, when you add it on the page in the iframe, the problem starts.
Overall, can see for yourself. Website in development, do not scold severely. I ask your advice and hope for help.
Website: beatradio.ru
June 8th 19 at 16:57
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