How to recover the missing viewport content on macOS in the Mail?

Presumably something pressed on the keyboard or mouse and lost the preview pane the contents of the letters in the Mail. By default, this area displays to the right of the message list. Shift version of the border region and list of letters to the right has not passed: on the other iMac it can be pushed up to the stop and push, and problem not even to catch hold of the mouse.

Switching to classic view (when view message at the bottom) does not help.

How to recover the missing viewport content?

Or maybe there's some way to reset the window?5a732842ee66b864773008.jpeg
June 8th 19 at 16:58
1 answer
June 8th 19 at 17:00
After a long search I found a solution.
It turned out that the same versions of macOS making program Mail somehow slightly different, namely in the problem when shifting the boundary of the area open the way to the right does not remain strips for stretching the back (the mouse is not catchy, but instead resizes the window), although on the second iMac in the same Mail this strip is!

In the end had to switch to classic view mode, then it pull the bottom border of the viewport (and need to pull high, otherwise non-responsive - this is also my fault, because I tried before to pull, but apparently did not reach the desired height). When the area appears, switches to normal playback mode.

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