In database data are stored in the form of numbers and strings and displayed on the map as a layer in the sh format?

***Is an open system OpenWeatherMap
***It collects data from the weather data and displays on the map. Sample data:
0 1 110217 dd6401.....
0 - the name of the meteorological code, for example 0 - metar
1 - the index of the weather station, indicating the position of the weather station
110217 - date
dd64 - dd is the wind speed 64 wind 01 wind direction
***The architecture diagram and my findings, I attach the screenshot.

1. The received weather data are stored in Mongodb
2. The map is stored in PostGIS
3. OpenLayer map displays and the data is already in view shp
4. After from the user (i.e., openlayer) receives a request for the formation on the map of weather data from Mongo DV data is converted into one of the formats, for example shp and displayed on the map.

Whether correctly I understood?


Map with temperature
June 8th 19 at 17:00
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