Which version of the app update to the PRO is better?

Hi all.

Need to upgrade the app to PRO version.
Faced with a problem, can not choose the method of implementation of this update:
1. Two separate applications - free and pro. Both are loaded in playmarket. Well and, accordingly, one free, another paid.
2. One app - free. In the application there is the possibility of buying and respectively upgrade to the pro version.
3. Two apps in the market. One - free (it has full functionality, including the functionality of the pro version). Second pro, to be precise, just an empty packet (key), the presence of which check in free version.
4. the same as in the 3rd paragraph, only + purchase inside the free app, i.e. through the market and within the application.

Who that will advise?

Actually 1 and 2 points clear. I'm leaning to the 2nd item, but then don't get a chance to participate in different promotions Google play for paid apps.
3rd and 4th paragraphs - there's more, can anyone help at the same time:
1. How to hide the icon of the second application, i.e. I bought a "key" for the PRO, have installed and will appear 2 app icons (one of them not working). Is it possible to fix this (i.e. remove one app icon)?
2. In the market case there is no way (from the developer), to buying the PRO version within the free app (In-app Billing) as believed bought the PRO version in the market?

Besides, in 3-4 paragraphs, will have users install version 2 of application, i.e. from free and after pro (which is the same they are not particularly please).
June 8th 19 at 17:02
1 answer
June 8th 19 at 17:04
I would advise the second option. Easier and more convenient for the user and support the application. And do not "upgrade" but rather unlock features that are already in the app, but not available to the ordinary user.

But the first also has the right to life. Osobenno if the amount of the Pro version is very different from the usual or chasing some shares.

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