Generic CRUD backend to frontend?

For a project of a friend of a person needs primitive backend, CRUD a dozen resources authentication and basic authentication. The main difficulty of the project will be on the front-end.
Bekendste in the team, but there are good frontends.

What tools can act as a backend for such a project?

Can anyone give feedback on PostgREST, Firebase, Horizon REST API Hasura GraphQL, Graphcool and peers? What's in the mainstream?
March 24th 20 at 11:42
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March 24th 20 at 11:44
loopback makes a great CRUD over any common database. The model describes in a simple, concise and flexible. Out of the box a bunch of methods for searching and filtering, plus Swagger.
March 24th 20 at 11:46
1 strapi (node)
2 microwebber (lara)
March 24th 20 at 11:48
I once made a universal api which covers crud. To generate nicho do not, all by itself, used express + monga. In General, the point of this thing if we need a blog with entries and comments, then sent queries:
post /post create post
get /post get posts, filtering, pagination and so on is included in the package
post /comment create a comment
get /comment we get a list of them. Instead of post/comment you can substitute any name. That is at the front, come up with the name of the collection and the data to send, they are recorded in database and available all the crud, there is the authorization(bearer token)/download files/fltri fields/sample from-to/sort/even have full text search. As a side-effect of all these dynamics, there is no validation, but it can be manually set. Use myself as the IOC server demo products on it unfolded, for pet projects tinkering, but for prod I do not recommend, as there is no built-in validation, you pens to write, but then in my opinion the whole point of this app is lost. Turnips are examples of docks in the swagger/open-api and so on.
Yes, you understood correctly what I want, but I want a turnkey solution with the community. - Sadie commented on March 24th 20 at 11:51
@Sadiewhen I was looking for, that they were not, or analogues jsonplaceholder(that is, it is necessary to generate the schema) or frameworks.
In General, for such goals better and faster all monga plus koa/express, or go plus monga. Monga will save from crap to migrations and requirements of the description scheme, koa/express is very simple and there is no need of model/services/repositories, and other stuff the point in which the easy buck no, go need models to describe, but in General, all as in koa/express. If front zero experience in buck, you better go no one has yet invented, he will not shoot in the leg and there are hard hits in the abstract, which will clear only the front and no one else, he encourages simplicity, is the perfect language for a beginner, and there are analogues nodemon, e.g. fresh(i.e. hot reload which was used on all fronts). - Houston_Bra commented on March 24th 20 at 11:54
@Houston_Bra, frontengine have a little experience in nodejs, but the problem is not to teach and not to spend superfluous time. - Sadie commented on March 24th 20 at 11:57
March 24th 20 at 11:50
Recently I came across a library of Python Eve
To start you need very little:
  1. To specify the connection string to the DB: MongoDB native, you can use the free copy on with a limit of 512MB, but also stated the availability of adapters to other databases
  2. In the configuration file to describe the model data stored using JSON Schema and specify other parameters as required
  3. Write just 5 lines of Python to start the server

The result is maximum similar to the RESTful server. Examples of work and General article about the use here
Authorization is also stated on the official website, only to connect and configure
Thanks, that's just the choice became even harder due to the increase number of candidates :) - Sadie commented on March 24th 20 at 11:53
@Sadie, a plus this candidate would be that it can be raised very quickly and without the cost and try\to see :) - Leora.Heaney commented on March 24th 20 at 11:56
March 24th 20 at 11:52 - CRUD, REST/GraphQL, Authorization, Customizable AF, Built on top of Symfony
March 24th 20 at 11:54
I used on several small projects. Able to do CRUD on a popular database, you can make the resources on the external API, you can write script (including JS). There are as a service, but can be put to your server.
March 24th 20 at 11:56
From rapidly deployable graphql CRUD shells (Prisma/Graphcool, Postgraphile, Hasura and in-house ) I personally liked Hasura, now enter into production.
Of graphql is also in her direction I watched as the most popular option. But if you need to enter some kind of a handler? I am confused by a very hipster choice of technology stack. - Sadie commented on March 24th 20 at 11:59
No one bothers to raise close to express with their handlers and business logic. Graphql 3 years in production, the flight excellent, and you can always fall back on the REST. - ivah commented on March 24th 20 at 12:02

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