How to link layout in back end (to facilitate transfer) in the cms?

Take into calculation only the "standard" simple websites (landing pages, business cards, etc.).

The idea is as follows.
- Make/redesign the front-end collector who will collect/compress scss, js, images, twig, etc.
- Do the component structure of the project. For example in the folder "menu" is a menu.twig (with a macro), menu.js, menu.scss, menu.json.
- We make up with a twig in macro passing the necessary data from the menu.json somehow loadable test data (text-fish, etc.)
- Deploym layout on the server and it magically starts to interact with the cms/back end, cms may october.

Thus trying to achieve the following:
- hone "component" to an optimal state (to check on a few projects, fix bugs)
- to exclude the stage of stretching of PSD to html to cms. In most cases, once the markup is processed in the php, further development is already underway with the php files and the html becomes simply not needed.
- possibility for further support of the project starting from the layout.

That is this: did the layout - posted this on the dev server - tests - poured on combat server - found cant - corrected layout ("component") - filled in on the dev server - tests - posted this on a production server.

Tell me whether I represent the development process in General?
What are the stages of the project to You? From beginning to end and support.
What tools/technologies?
June 8th 19 at 17:06

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