HTML output (from the server) or do it in JS: functions to display?

Tell me, please. How to structure data on the website, working with SQL (for data output, such as a login and registration). Through what frameworks you can implement this type of hiding data from users submitting data. (jQuery is still relevant? Or are there other ways?)
Mean, how to make a download website more optimized.

That is, for example, have any data to output users and administrators either modal window, or block any. How can this output (in terms of the layout, so that users of the template output is not visible (not in the public HTML document). And the response from the server. Or how is it done?)
I just sometimes I go on sites some (for example can not lead) and not see a hint of the interface.
Someone explain how this is done? From the server sent data with styles(interface) or..?

For example, there are PHP or NodeJS..
March 24th 20 at 11:58
2 answers
March 24th 20 at 12:00
Render data based on the login and other conditions in the following ways:
1. To use the template engine on the server side.
2. To use a frontend framework on the client.
March 24th 20 at 12:02
Send well-formed html from the server = to chase information 90% redundant.
To generate the DOM on the client forces the browser = to get the owners 4, 5 x iPhones envious look at desyatchikov.
The double-edged sword, the middle is not found till now.
I'm on my web service chase only the data forming the DOM on the client, I know DOM is simple - plates and shapes. Users doing trivial transactions to two or three checkbox input. Nitrofurane of ways.
And Yes - I'm sick of VUE - only hardcore, only vanilla!

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