Universal Angular Firebase server-side render how to create an application that it rendered the app on the server side?

Share knowledge, is it possible render the application on the server side using the Firebase Authentication and authorization database with data AngularFirestore?
Tried article Éverton Roberto Aule and Hamed Baatour and videos on youtube from developers... I understand that the full version of Firebase does not support SSR, and in this case you need to work with AngularFire-Lite? did you have it?

UPDATE: If you use a renderer with a normal Firebase then it throws an error "
ERROR { [Error: The XMLHttpRequest compatibility library was not found.]
 code: 'auth/internal-error',
 message: 'The XMLHttpRequest compatibility library was not found.' }

Thanks in advance to all responded!!!
June 8th 19 at 17:15
1 answer
June 8th 19 at 17:17
Without firebase-lite, with the usual firebase can be, without angularfire and other kits. But alas, not with realtimedatabase, and with the new FireStore only will work.
Did some time ago for https://angularcommerce.io but in the end decided to make couchDB version, because the new firestore globally not better in terms of search by several keys.
In the article there is a link to an example page rendering on firebase.

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