Windows xp can't log in the network folder?

In a LAN, each user has an open folder on the network.
Version of Windows: xp, 7, 10.
Reinstalled on the same PC on windows 7. Set up MFP the printer and opened the shared folder with scans.
Is rarely a mistake. All PCs are running windows xp are unable to go to the folder with the scans in a network environment - "access error, insufficient permissions". although this other network location comes to cheer.
Only a reboot helps PC that has a folder with scans.

What could be the problem?
June 8th 19 at 17:22
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June 8th 19 at 17:24
Most likely in this version of Windows where the shared folder is limited to the number of connections on the network. in the home versions of XP, connections can be no more than 5. You can not restart the computer and go to manage - shared folders - sessions to clear the list of connections.
Before the question out of interest reset the "local area connection" - did not help
In sessions after that, there was only one PC. But nevertheless all PC windows xp was not able to go.

Now reboot helped, but still need the solution, and the problem remains) - Thelma64 commented on June 8th 19 at 17:27
June 8th 19 at 17:26
Can user more than 10?
Sessions public folders was generally a single user - Thelma64 commented on June 8th 19 at 17:29
June 8th 19 at 17:28
Guess that's because of different versions of samba servers. After the recent hacks have made patches which Win 7, 8, 10 loaded automatically. Check version. After the patch only works SMBv2.
You must either enable on Win 7, 8, 10 found in smbv1, but it's the vulnerability in security.
PS Well, I do not read the word occasionally, so this answer is not irrelevant.

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