LiveJournal or a blog?

Good day!
Now leading his own blog on his website. Everything is OK, but the attendance is small. I'm doing SEO-optimization and know what I need to do to promote the site, but. Your blog I'm taking for the soul and I write there posts, which often cannot be found through a search engine. To do the optimization of texts/the link building, the crowd, etc. the desire to do no. This is the place where I share ideas, post reports on travel, photos and post longreads. So there was a question.
Does it make sense to go to LiveJournal and try the same there. The audience of children does not interest me. Other social networks are not suitable.
VK - not the format.
Twitter little text.
Instagram - Flickr, Tumblr too concentrated on the photos.
Telegram - cool, but there are issues with the promotion, and in technical terms there are schools that don't allow you to go into it.

In short from the format suits me, I can only see LJ and your website.

Actually a question here in what. Whether it is easier to promote your blog inside learn? Because the audience can "accidentally" stumble upon the post and become a permanent subscriber to that online malorealizuemo (as I see it). TSA at LJ - what we need (reading, adults). + you can draw traffic with FP. Yandex periodically see in the Top Jessye posts.

And question 2. So if LJ is dead, like they say?

Thank you.
June 8th 19 at 17:28
2 answers
June 8th 19 at 17:30
First question: Yes, there is meaning. At least there is no problems with indexing in search engines.
Second question: he's not dead, just after all telegrama and YouTube audience dipped slightly. But, as you said, "reading, adults" there.
June 8th 19 at 17:32
LJ and maybe stream in Yandex.Zen, haven't nabezhali

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