Something to write on a site with image processing?

The bottom line: you need to write the website with a button of the type "Send photos".
Photos are recorded in the database are processed, the output is processed in the form of text-strings, and the website, this text displays.
Processing mathmethods assumes quite complex.

Question: how to write a website easier/faster/smarter? Subsequently, we intend to extend the functionality.
From the stack: a medium programming in Python, poorly in pure C.
Flask is my choice? Are there alternatives? Where to start?
Advise courses (not extensive, far to climb and don't plan) on this topic?
Only interested in interior layout is not needed.
March 24th 20 at 14:56
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March 24th 20 at 14:58
You can start with Python. Because image processing is likely to be done by means of libraries in other languages such as C. In this case, Python performs only the role of ligaments. To the Flask is quite a good option.
There are many alternatives, but the gain may be small.
There are likely more important than the architecture of the application. If it is assumed that the image processing will last more than a second, then it is better to use a queue, and perform processing in the background, and then notify the web server about the completion of the work, so that he could, in turn, notify the web client. For example, using Flask-SSE. Something like that.
March 24th 20 at 15:00
Ideally, something low-level, run as a service or called from the command line, a layer which works with a web interface in any language with a strong stack in the direction of the web: pykh, Python, JavaScript.
As a variant - to write on Java.
March 24th 20 at 15:02
1. Handlers (advanced Mat.methods) is microservices. They take photos from the database, process the image and put back into the database (putting "flag": "Done"). They can be in any language to write (C/C++, Python, etc.).
2. And the web muzzle on something more familiar, same PHP.
March 24th 20 at 15:04
Django + celery a great choice for the rapid development of such things. For image processing possible in C or Go to write a tool that will run celery and a good result.

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