What is written UI from MongoDB Compass?

Liked the look, for a corporate chic shapers would rummage inside, was written in the framework AmpersandJS (interesting by the way, the first time I heard about it), but what UI is unclear. Something similar to bootstrap, but prettier and more compact.
Maybe some sort of their own development based on it, but suddenly there is such ready.

PS Who knows more prilagodi on Electron with beautiful design - share.

P. P. S. After a long search came to the conclusion that the interface is easier to write, almost all the libraries are forced to penetrate and to use their approach, components, also contain bugs or do not contain what you need (it's a shame when 90% have and have come to really need 10% and you have to rewrite).
While stopped at Quasar, but if you write a commercial application, it is easier to order the designer UI-kit and put on React/Vue
March 25th 20 at 13:02
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