The selection and binding of complex object to the input field?

Interested in the opinion of web developers is how to solve the problem of binding complex objects in frontend? For example, I have entity customer with fields Name, Phone. Date of birth how to make a convenient choice of such entities on the form, especially if the selection is made from thousands of others? Input with auto-completion suitable for publsih of spisak, and when thousands of entities, it is not an option, I would like to make a button and select in the separate dialog. Who generally handles this situation, what are the most popular and convenient solutions? In the examples all framework s always very simple cases when in the input field, simply enter the text, never seen examples when you need to choose from a previously filled list. Well, the reference to the input itself should properly be made, i.e. the need to store the ID of the selected entity. In any frameworks that implement the preferred?
March 25th 20 at 13:42
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