How to remove floating scrolling when the focus is on the field?

Hi all, does anyone know how to fix bug with floating scrolls? when you focus on the field is scrolling. MB who faced a similar problem, I would be very grateful

Js-code(Here the modal function)
function modal() { 
 $(document).on("click", '.open_modal', function(event) {
 var append= $("<div class='modal-backdrop fade in'></div>");
 var id_modal = $(this).data('name-modal');
 var close = $(id_modal).find(".modal_close"); 
 modal_wrap[id_modal] = append; 
 zIndexModal = zIndexModal + 1;
 "padding-right": getScrollbarWidth()
 $(id_modal).addClass('active show').css({
 "z-index" : zIndexModal ,
 "display": "block"

 if($(this).data("namestation")) {
 $(id_modal).find(".fill__form--head .sel-desc span").text($(this).data("namestation"));
 if(!$("body").hasClass("modal-open")) {
}"click", function() {


March 25th 20 at 13:43
1 answer
March 25th 20 at 13:45
You may want to put all inputs and selekta(etc.) the attribute tabindex.
On the desktop it allows you to choose the order of the input focus when pressing tab.
It works everywhere, including mobile browsers (normal). In the iOS keyboard, incidentally, is also a key change the focus of fields (arrows in the top row when the active field), so it is also possible to switch between the input fields.

In Android Chrome is available when you use a physical keyboard or keypad, where they have the same soft keys as the standard keyboard in iOS.

In General, always tabindex for each other goes under one parent, so the manual they stamp you need if you want to change the order or delete something from the area of focus (-1).

But! Manual affixing by type, as you suggested, by the way, can help (well, suddenly), it is necessary to try to the author of the question, but the problem will not solve it, it's a hack on top of the problem. - Mariano24 commented on March 25th 20 at 13:48

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