How to center the content with a fixed sidebar?

How to make so that on different resolutions right border of the content was on one line with a cap, and the left border were either on the same line as the header, or if not enough the place was at a distance of 25px from the sidebar?

March 25th 20 at 13:43
2 answers
March 25th 20 at 13:45
And it is better so - demario15 commented on March 25th 20 at 13:48
Well, it's not by design already )
And the jquery solution is good, thanks! - Douglas_Predovic commented on March 25th 20 at 13:51
@Douglas_Predovic, Hit with a stick in the hands of the designer. - demario15 commented on March 25th 20 at 13:54
March 25th 20 at 13:47
Don't understand how sidebar affects content if it is fixed? The content needs to be leveled the same way as cap

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