How to know if an administrator bot VK_API?

I got the error
vk_api.exceptions.ApiError: [917] You don't have access to this chat

Well, I understand that it would avoid the need to know is there any administrator rights at the bot in the chat VK.
March 25th 20 at 13:46
1 answer
March 25th 20 at 13:48
apparently only the try catch
 members = vk.messages.getConversationMembers(peer_id=event.object.peer_id)
 except ApiError:

So what? - jacinth commented on March 25th 20 at 13:51
@jacinth, Yes, but see here if successful it will give the Boolean unity, that is can certainly try the title to the same, to or error or true - franz.Brekk commented on March 25th 20 at 13:54

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