Which most closely(like human eyes) colors in the photo?

You will need to take a picture of the fabric and garment in different lighting, no extra equipment to take pictures. The distance of the object and 20 cm, and more than two meters. Want the shades of the fabrics were as they are: not illuminated, not obscured, so the texture could be seen. Looking for a smartphone without bangs, with autonomy for more than a day, 2 SIM cards. At the expense of performance - the game is not set, but I love to upload all sorts of tutorials, organizers, who are all the time some reminders give... I Want to smoothly, quickly everything worked. What smartphone would you recommend? Preferably around$300

upd: do I need to focus on the dxomark scale? If Yes, what is the min. indicator will fit? How many MP is optimal? How many basic cameras? What is the aperture? Where else to look besides manual settings and raw photo?
March 27th 20 at 12:38
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March 27th 20 at 12:40
Any where you can white Balance manually set + manual setting of shutter speed and aperture + lythrum ekshen for 1 frame then batch processing
And what aperture to take? (min. max.) - eriberto.Lueilwitz commented on March 27th 20 at 12:43
@eriberto.Lueilwitz, a Strange question. If the aperture ratio determined by the quality of the pictures of the smartphone, it would be worthwhile to take the maximum possible. But since it is not, it is better to focus on test shots. - savanna_Hoeger commented on March 27th 20 at 12:46
@savanna_Hoeger, I'm therefore I ask, because I do not know what is affected and what options to navigate) all smartphones Have limitations focal. I know they are indicated like this: f/1.5...f/2.4... but for me it's just the characters. I don't know what are the indicators of a smartphone I look to, to get what you need.
Besides manual configuration that is necessary? How many MP camera? - eriberto.Lueilwitz commented on March 27th 20 at 12:49
@eriberto.Lueilwitz, And I'll repeat that the setting of the aperture of the lens apart from the lens system\matrix\processor\software irrelevant.

Spherical important it is, in fact, other factors (quality matrix, software) outweigh.

The only reliable way to understand whether You are satisfied with the camera of any phone to solve a specific photoside - take it, take a picture, evaluate.

I repeat once again: take your fabric, came into the cabin and let the sellers carry You by turns smartphones up to$ 300, and you take a photograph and compare.

in different lighting, no extra equipment to take pictures. The distance of the object and 20 cm, and more than two meters. Want the shades of the fabrics were as they are: not illuminated, not obscured, so the texture can be seen

Unrealistic in principle. Different lighting greatly affects the. For a start I advise you to read what the white balance. Then he will understand that the problem above is easily solved by the brain (there are exceptions), but not with automatic cameras, especially smartphone.

To see the invoice must be sootvetstvuyuschee distance when shooting, low noise, no "spreading in cereal" internal threshold of the camera not only noise, but also the fact that it looks like (the same texture), emerging low compression jpeg file. Given that a smartphone camera - even very good - in the absence of bright light turn into a pumpkin, and photos of clothing and fabrics are usually made in stores\pavilions - where the light is usually much pressure (it is small, it is often different DH) to get decent photos even with a smartphone camera the top segment I would not... - savanna_Hoeger commented on March 27th 20 at 12:52
@savanna_Hoeger, thank you for your detailed response. - eriberto.Lueilwitz commented on March 27th 20 at 12:55
March 27th 20 at 12:42
You have in your question, in my opinion, somewhat vague evaluation criteria. Best of all, the accuracy know, oddly enough, printers - they have the experience appropriate (to configure equipment is necessary when changing the ink type and paper), and specials. the references in hand. And the accuracy of the human eye - how many of these eyes, so many opinions. And even if the owner of these eyes one, then, too, there are options... Here's my example: recently bought a new smartphone Meizu Note 9, made photos quality like. Bought it about Google Camera (people - GCam) - pictures are even better. Included in GCam HDR+ mode and they were just gorgeous. I think the last option you did not come to be, because there oversaturated colors, but I really like "I see" (C).
And that's not all, there are still issues:
1. The result of filming will only show on the smartphone screen or on a large monitor, too? How are you going to take into account the difference of the color profile of the screen?
2. To print on paper will? If Yes, then the printer will add its own distortion, which also need to be adjusted.

And finally, about the subject. Exler's is an interesting overview of the recommendationand in the range of $200...300 he advises 8X and Huawei Honor P20 Lite, with hints that more cool Huawei P30 lite the price is reduced and will soon also be included in this range.
Interesting. I almost bought the Meizu 16x. Read the reviews, seen reviews - all normal. Came into the store, took a picture a few places and got upset. All pictures were highlighted. Dark blue became almost blue, saturated colors are black on the photo :( and then another met the opinion that Meizu 16th problems with the fingerprint scanner and backlit. I don't know how x and th can be mapped, but just in case he decided to consider other manufacturers.

Answer the following questions:
1. The result of the shooting in the end will see the users on the website, on their gadgets. How to account for the difference I don't know, tell me?

2. To print most likely will not need... but if it will be necessary, on what printer?

8X and Huawei Honor P20(30) Lite good options, only my eye want cropped bangs) from the list You sent, this one attracted: https://ek.ua/ek-item.php?resolved_name_=XIAOMI-MI... black) - eriberto.Lueilwitz commented on March 27th 20 at 12:45
@eriberto.Lueilwitzif it's for display on the website, it changes the whole approach, previous recommendations become invalid. But my opinion, the Internet is no bother particularly high accuracy, leave the default settings. Look how this issue is resolved on Aliexpress. There's a seller near photos demonstrate just hangs PostScript-type "Color in the photos may differ slightly from the real", i.e. the risk from a mismatch it translates to the buyer does not take over. Although, of course, to bring this principle to the absurd and to set the color from "bulldozer" is not worth it - the default settings just enough for adequate perception.
As for the Xiaomi Mi 9T - Yes, eksler, too his praises, but he has a retractable camera. You have to understand that it imposes its own characteristics - for example, slowing the pace of sequential shooting (you can shoot about half a second later than the other units), or the fact that it is impossible to remove covertly (extended camera unmasks your intentions). Well and the price is higher than your upper limit. - Westley commented on March 27th 20 at 12:48
Pictures of normal quality for normal stores do in the Studio normal equipment with normal light. This is the ideal.
Everything else - the profanity with the respective result. But Yes, in many cases, a ride and so. - savanna_Hoeger commented on March 27th 20 at 12:51
@Westley, it is clear that there may be different and need to mention it. I want the phone showed dark blue, dark blue +/-, not light blue or blue.

I am a front-facing camera are extremely rare, so retractable for me - the most it.

300 - not the border. I wrote: "about 300". Preferably. - eriberto.Lueilwitz commented on March 27th 20 at 12:54
@savanna_Hoeger, I agree, but You don't know all of my ideas, schemes of work, circumstances and opportunities. I start with the most simple, convenient and affordable way, and want to do it very well, how many can afford it.

Is it possible daylight with clear sky to call normal conditions for macro photography of tissues?) - eriberto.Lueilwitz commented on March 27th 20 at 12:57
Yes, but if the fabric is glossy at daylight (and artificial too) can voznikat overexposure, local or global. Ideally you want to shoot in a Studio, i.e. with a good and uniform light, with a tripod, the normal technique, with the display at target and the white balance. But this is the ideal. - savanna_Hoeger commented on March 27th 20 at 13:00
@eriberto.Lueilwitz, it seems, in the moment you drove solidly (four times!) to save money. Ali is sold with great discount one of the flagships of yesteryear - the ASUS ZenFone 4. With the appearance of it on sale the price was 36000 rubles, and now - less than 9,000, and it is not used, and a brand new camera in original packaging. On Board there is optical stabilization (which allows you to lengthen the shutter speed if there is insufficient light, but also to shoot video in motion) and the additional wide angle lens. The reviews stated good quality photo/video and I will add that the device allows to install GCam and your hands will be HDR+ mode, not bad averaging all sorts of re(nedo)lights. - Westley commented on March 27th 20 at 13:03
@savanna_Hoeger, thanks for the advice. I will strive for the ideal =)

can you recommend a good rapid rate(video) on the basics of photography? - eriberto.Lueilwitz commented on March 27th 20 at 13:06
@Westley, sounds enticing) take a look) thanks for the offer :) - eriberto.Lueilwitz commented on March 27th 20 at 13:09
@eriberto.Lueilwitz, all of these courses have little sense in a photo with your phone, even if you put the advanced camera and set a manual mode is of little help (when light auto mode gives normal shots when the lighting is not optimal, the possibility melkopeschanoj matrix is still insufficient).

I.e., true for cameras. But the basics can not hurt to know.
-> some of the above is here
You can also search for Glinda, then so
Still have the book.

Flash you can watch

In General, the network has a lot of resources and forums, it is important not to drown in the details. - savanna_Hoeger commented on March 27th 20 at 13:12
March 27th 20 at 12:44
Begin with the end. For your smartphone tasks is not good at all. Because the physical size (area) of the matrix is negligible. Accordingly, under low light the result will always be crappy. Second, the light in the room may be such that without special measurements and subsequent correction to correct colours is simply impossible. That is, shooting in such conditions even a professional camera - the problem is not "one-click". Thirdly, the notorious, the human eye can serve as a model, as the perception of color depends on the conditions greatly. That is why, in those areas where work with color (typography, editorial, advertising agencies) try to make the lighting close to standard.
This is not to say that the problem of good transmission of colors and textures - is unsolvable. This means that it is always solved through the use of the same external light.
I then though, that blue was blue and not blue in the pictures... Standard lighting - what is it? Daylight Sunny weather perfect for photos of tissue samples? - eriberto.Lueilwitz commented on March 27th 20 at 12:47
@eriberto.Lueilwitz, https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Illuminant_D65 - Helena_Emard21 commented on March 27th 20 at 12:50

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