PUG — import code into another pug-file to the specified location?

Tell me, is it possible to PUG to implement such a thing:

Let's say I have two pagowski file, but the content in them, the code must be inside one section.

For example, in the first file I have a header with some code and the second code that when compiled should be inside the header of the first file.
March 29th 20 at 21:17
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March 29th 20 at 21:19
Main file:
doctype html
 include templates/head.pug

 include templates/header.pug
 // tut your cool blocks
 include templates/footer.pug

And in templates folder create files.
Tip: smoke documentation: https://pugjs.org/language/includes.html
More than that, you don't answer anyone.
I already figured it out, thank you) - margie12 commented on March 29th 20 at 21:22
March 29th 20 at 21:21
In the file, inlude header, and the header file include file which need to be.

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