How to configure backup to ftp server?

We have Windows Server 2008, there is a folder you want to copy somewhere periodically. Whether it is possible to configure failover in this folder on the FTP server ?
March 29th 20 at 23:59
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March 30th 20 at 00:01
I have a few folders synchronized using WinCSP + sheduler Windows.
March 30th 20 at 00:03
Well, Yes.
It depends what copy. If built-in, then try to mount the FTP as a network drive and copy.
If a third-party program, many of them know how out of the box.
If you think than to copy, that is free Veaam Backup.
March 30th 20 at 00:05
If the funds of the system, I usually use task Scheduler and archiver 7z.
Creates a batch file with the following content:
C:\PROGRA~1\7-Zip\7z.exe a Backup.7z-Carol -r D:\папка_с_файлами\* -wD:\bcp-mx9 -ms -mmt

user Login
lcd D:\bcp
cd papcastle
mput *.7z
March 30th 20 at 00:07
Acronis True Image direct is specially tailored to this function.

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