How to make a backup?

Good afternoon, I am interested in how to make a backup of the entire disk, + some folders from mounted. Good guides not found, can anyone suggest or help I would be grateful. Also I wish that this was done automatically.
March 30th 20 at 00:58
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March 30th 20 at 01:00
tar + cron, the classic of all classics.

Can rcync + cron.

Manov full Google.
March 30th 20 at 01:02
IMHO, the case when the diversity is harmful. Ten shells around the same logic that successfully and reliably implements the rsync.
At the same time, having dealt with rsync, the user will be sure that makes him a backup, and with the GUI - not the fact... - melyssa.Bayer commented on March 30th 20 at 01:05
@melyssa.Bayerand I looked at the article he was ;)
I personally write all the scripts myself, even rsync, don't use.
BUT I don't know a specific task can it on a home computer backup folder with porn have to do. - jannie.Lowe commented on March 30th 20 at 01:08
@jannie.Lowe, "+ fapac a few of the mounted" ;) - melyssa.Bayer commented on March 30th 20 at 01:11
March 30th 20 at 01:04
March 30th 20 at 01:06
For the entire drive:
man dump
man restore

dump present in UNIX nilakkottai times

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