The best way to pass data between scripts within a VPC?

We have two scripts, one in php (laravel), another on the GO, they are both on the same network.

Sometimes you want to send data from php to GO, or Vice versa, as the best thing to do, preferably not losing much time ? The most banal that came up is to let php send post request to go, but then lose a lot of time.
March 30th 20 at 01:27
3 answers
March 30th 20 at 01:29
Within the same vpc can communicate via a socket file. Can look in the direction of the RoadRunner
March 30th 20 at 01:31
I guess you yuzaete them as microservices, councils using Apache Kafka or AWS SQS TC they are more extensible than VPC
March 30th 20 at 01:33
The most banal communication client-server for HTTP. Sent the request is processed on the Go - the answer.

A more advanced way is to use
ZeroMQ or Redis (pub/sub). One topic for sending tasks, and the other for receiving the processed answers.

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