How to organize backup 1C database to the cloud?

There is a server running Windows Server 2016 which, in file mode, works 1C-Enterprise.
Users work in terminal mode.
It is necessary to organize a backup of 1C database to the cloud (preferably Google Drive)
Advise how best to solve this problem?
In advance I thank all responded.
March 31st 20 at 14:34
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March 31st 20 at 14:36
The main problem in such situations is to do the actual copy, because users work constantly.
This applies to the regular mechanism of the shadow copy of NTFS.
Make a shadow copy of the right during the user experience, pack it in the archive, and any command-line utility are sent to the desired cloud.
There is software for backup support shadow copy and working with the clouds, but the script is a more flexible solution.
Shadow copies are usually regular means of OS, are used to compress archivers like rar, 7z, zpaq.
To send to the cloud search console client for the cloud for example Google Drive features, for MEGA is etc
March 31st 20 at 14:38
Database password in the archive, the archive on the cloud via webdav or via native client(google). The simpler the stable.
March 31st 20 at 14:40
Cobian Backup with shadow copies and a limited number of copies, then Google Drive as a local drive without a recycle bin
March 31st 20 at 14:42
Zabekapit database in a standard way locally, then Duplicati2 - encrypted and 50 meters to the cloud in pieces. Any. On Yandex can be 1TB for 2K a year to buy (not advertising)
March 31st 20 at 14:44
And Internet speed and database size? And then maybe one day is not enough.
The Internet speed is sufficient (at least 20-30 MB/s)
Database size is not large, up to 1 GB. - danial.Lebsa commented on March 31st 20 at 14:47
@Kayli_Pfeffer, an unlikely scenario.
I have in one place worked backup about 300GB of 1C database and file storage of the order of 200GB via 3g, with a stable pumping speed of about 1мегабита to a remote FTP.
The original was made archive with zpaq and delivered to the place physically, and then the daily growth of the database and files rarely exceed 1GB in two, three hours a night Delta changes pumped without problems. - Enrico_Breitenberg commented on March 31st 20 at 14:50

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