On what files You are sharing less/sass?

Guys, just getting started with preprocessors. So I wonder what file You have is a less/sass? As organized structure?

Understand that each your convenient. But still...
March 31st 20 at 20:28
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March 31st 20 at 20:30
The question seems to be not a question, but here's how I do(I'm lazy, so probably better not to do, but still):
1) the styles File, main, here, we connect all other styles and write styles main page\pages
1.1) If the page is large, it is better to do this for each individual file styles, and connect into the main
2)File copper queries, then I think it is clear :)
3) the File mixins and generic class.(General classes - like button, which is found 10 times on the page in a row or something like that :)) Colors are common in variables, too. And other small things that you do not want to leave in the main file styles.
PS I heard that some break the style files for many files, almost in sections, by type:
header.sass footer.sass aside.sass, etc. But I'm lazy and this in extreme cases is divided into different pages, so if a lot of straight styles.
So I just did a long landing. And the main file has become so big that is not convenient to look for. So I decided to start to break the blocks) - Kaylee.Satterfield commented on March 31st 20 at 20:33
@Kaylee.Satterfield, Well, that's okay too, whatever you like, I personally see when you debug from the line where styles of a particular block, if the Assembly is configured to map styles. - Gus.Terry commented on March 31st 20 at 20:36
March 31st 20 at 20:32
I do so:
main app.scss file and settings settings.scss (here the global variables, like font size, color scheme etc.) in the root of the scss;
here are some directory vendors (for all sorts of additions + reset or normalize), components (mixins, classes,...), partials (for pages, type 404, individual pages or their elements).

Structure is not mandatory from project to project can vary greatly as the number of files/directories, and "breakdown" on the page/elementistic. Now, for example, make the website on the EAP. There is a tree still looks like this:
$ tree
├── app.scss
├── components
│ ├── _classes.scss
│ ├── _components.scss
│ ├── _mixins.scss
│ └── _typography.scss
├── partials
│ ├── _404.scss
│ ├── _global.scss
│ ├── _index.scss
│ ├── _partials.scss
│ ├── _posts.scss
│ ├── _skip.scss
│ └── _woo.scss
├── _settings.scss
└── vendors
 ├── _reset.scss
 └── _vendors.scss

3 directories, 15 files

This is only the beginning. In the tree there is a file woo.scss: there is a General "wrapper" just to clearance store is not yet reached. Typography rendered in file _typography.scss separately because there are all sorts of vertical rhythms, the Golden section...
Something like that :)

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