How to put a page on Wordpress?

Good day, there is a page with the same content 5de899f0a85f8202951295.png

How better or more correct to put such a page, it will be located in the template page.php.
The content there will change from page to page, the blocks to be reconstructed, add new.
What landing is more correct? Throw a block for the phones direct to the page in the wp as the html code and make Gutenberg unit(looks awful, plus if you let the client wants to improve - he needs to know minimal html5de89e0894265188211328.png
and to be able to specify paths to img or page.php write is_page('name_page') and for each individual page, and their order of 30-40 to display all the entries cycle through the taxonomy. Would like to be conveniently and properly. Or are there better options?
April 2nd 20 at 17:43
1 answer
April 2nd 20 at 17:45
For such purposes, the written custom blocks with the desired funktsionalom (to fill in the picture, add text). You can add adjust the amount of rows, if not laziness.
And what is written? ACF PRO and bolted to Gutenberg blocks? There are no other options? - Ike58 commented on April 2nd 20 at 17:48
@Ike58if react do not know how, Yes. ACF rules for beginners suitable. - eden commented on April 2nd 20 at 17:51

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