Is it possible to use the user's IP address on the server to identify the location?

Create weather widget for Wordpress themes sold on themeforest.
Get GEODATA(location of the ISP server) client IP service via IPAPI.
Will there be any problems with IP, which generally policy says about this?
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April 2nd 20 at 17:46
And if you miss, let the user to choose the city.
April 2nd 20 at 17:48
In the settings panel of the gadget, insert the setup api key. And let the buyer the headache of the adoption agreement. You're in the plugin description you write that uses such a service and you need to obtain an api key.

The limit of 30 000 free requests.
April 2nd 20 at 17:50
You can use the choice of the city showing the mini-map and please click in the approximate place where the user is. After clicking, print this section of the city with the map data - weather.
This is the best option.
April 2nd 20 at 17:52
Legkoe easy...
Queries the dedicated server can be tracked by sending a request to the owner of the IP, punch it, and see where were the queries. And your IP is in their hands.

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