Books and websites on training, LAD,CFC, siemens PLC-200/300/400?

Hello.It happened that I was in manufacturing where there are controllers Siemens 200/300/400.Working about two weeks.Earlier with such did not work and for me it is almost a dark forest with a few glimpses.A couple of weeks a kind of General picture outlined,but I still almost zero.Companions ,someone is trying to explain to tell someone didn't care.Given a bunch of different don't a structured literature in electronic form for the most part a description of these controllers,said sit read,the head is swollen,feel like a complete idiot,I start to lose confidence( and Even could not think that in industrial controllers almost their own religion. Experts,prompt,please advise sensible literature,websites, etc. that is used in the Siemens-200/300/400, Simatic Step 7,WinCC,graphic designer.And most importantly programming in LAD and blocks CFC(detailed description, etc.) that support existing projects and create new ones when entering new equipment. Again focuses attention on the language LAD,it must be well know and understand as teammates go for damage,connect to the cabinets with controllers with schemes LAD determine the faulty hardware.Specialized courses to go, no opportunities,will have to learn at the place. I would be grateful for any information and advice.Thank you.
April 3rd 20 at 17:12
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April 3rd 20 at 17:14
LAD is the first step. Previously, controllers were only discrete data. The task of the LAD to draw a logical (And sequential chains, OR parallel). Added more timers and counters.
Then came the FBD is the same chain, but to handle integers and floating point numbers. (Operations And and OR steel blocks).
Finally, the CFC: first, instead of just a bunch of chains all drawn on one sheet, and secondly, the possible feedback.
If you want to learn programming, you probably need some manuals on the schematic.
I advise you not to miss another two languages. Text ST - will help those who wrote the regular program. We just need to remember that any program should run from start to finish during the scan.
And finally, what I like - SFC, or state graph: allows you to graphically break the task into several pieces, each of which can be programmed in any language. Examples of "control logic" can look at "an exponential rate" (representative of MatLab in Russia). However, I doubt that you buy MatLab, but it will help you to master in the future SFC (in Matlab this is called Stateflow and drawn a bit differently).
Try to search manual on Codesys.

For beginners, I came across a playlist of Andrei Kulagin.
April 3rd 20 at 17:16
read Petrov, PLC programming, so to understand. And Siemens is recommended by the manufacturer Berger Step7. well, let's see disks with manuals from the manufacturer, there is something to read too.

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