How to make multiversioned on the website?

Hello! Doing the documentation site to one of the services. The site should contain versions for documentation on the similarity in Laravel or Symfony when you can select the version.
How is it done? There will be something similar to multilingual? Maybe can you give a link where you can read about it and see?
April 3rd 20 at 17:12
2 answers
April 3rd 20 at 17:14
Without parameters - can be downloaded from the current version of the documentation page the language default.

Simple rule: all additional user settings should have no effect on the integrity of the structure of the viewing section.
April 3rd 20 at 17:16
Variant in a forehead: simply stored in a database/on disk documents in all versions and refer to them as needed.
However, space optimization here, of course, not a speech.
Option tricky: create a basic document. With every change version is saved a new version as a base, and separately stores the Delta difference of the new from the previous one. Default is always loaded last. If you need earlier probivaetsya for all iterations of the deltas to need version, on-the-fly by altering the data to display and then display them to the user.

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