Hp Compaq Cq58 black screen, a matrix or a loop?

Good evening!
Previous story dead cooler on percents, decided think tell will clean all disassembled, assembled, turned on, no change. Well, I think it's time to change the water cooler the next day, rode through the city, of course, this cooler will not find anywhere else, only under the order, and so I Think okay, got home, assembled everything back in the Assembly process, after connecting the power button decided to check if everything is working properly. Run! A miracle! Cooler earned, joyful gathered all back, start and no pictures.. Include the laptop turns on, screen is probably backlit and HP of the image is not, connected an external LCD via VGA the picture is!
The actual question is dead the matrix or trail?
April 3rd 20 at 17:20
1 answer
April 3rd 20 at 17:22
With such statement of a question - get in SC. No, seriously. Yet the worst did not.
I assume cut off the loop matrix, and the battery was connected. In the end the matrix/GPU/EC - choose anything, or a combination.
To check turn off the hot key output on the matrix (some cyclically the outputs of the switches, some can be different).
If there is a matrix of known-good - to plant and see (by turning off the charging to the battery!).
Otherwise - in STS. No shows and serviceable - in STS.

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