Is it possible to track which file you are sent a letter, and if so, how can I hide this file?

Is it possible to track which php file is sending emails?

This mail.php hidden and secret, it may apply only to a specific other service api.
After another service asked (which means success), you need to send an email to the user.

The user learns what mail.php sent him an email?
If the user can find out that will the chain make the main send file? mail.php -> mail2.php -> mail3.php -> ?
Or even make the record mail.php in the database, and CRON on every minute to check the database and send letters ?
How logical are these services? where file receives the response from the API to the secret file and sends an email
April 3rd 20 at 17:22
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April 3rd 20 at 17:24
By default, php is disabled, although it can.

So no, no one will know where you have left a letter.

Although I see in the crystal ball what problem-the problem is quite different.
is hidden and secret

Classified script which can be knocked from the outside is not so secret.
Especially if called mail.php.
In order to still make it a secret need to add at least a password to access it.
Ie /mail.php?secret=supersecretpassword
And then it will be exactly "secret".

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