Why the site's not making its way on GEO-dependent request?

Greetings to all! That's the question. There is a website created specifically for my country (Kazakhstan) of the content on the website easy videos to website has an attendance of a little more than 20K per day. But here is the question. If for example I give the query in Google "Kazakh video" my website comes in the top 5 of this order, understand the strange request but we have so many are looking for. But that's what the issue is, we have sites of restaurants, advertisements etc so if I give a request to Buy an apartment that Google returns exactly our ads even if I do not specify city or country just to "Buy"

And if I do request a video that only goes youtube.com and ivi.ru. So I can not understand why if in the case by purchasing or finding restaurants etc Yes, in General, much of the benefit of Google gives results based on the country from where comes the request. But it is video none the kz site does not display.

A couple of months ago added keywords, Kazakhstan, in Kazakhstan in General, there is a whole list but in General, never helped, and I was wondering what exactly the instructions of the country is not enough as in the case of ads everywhere in the headlines to buy a house in Kazakhstan, for example.

So how do you promote a website based on my geo location? For the rest of the queries that we are popular and related to KZ all is well with the site in the top 10 at least and more popular generally 1-2 place. Please tell me what goes wrong with the video why in this case Google does not take into account belonging to the country.
April 3rd 20 at 17:26
2 answers
April 3rd 20 at 17:28
Means Google understands your requests as gentamicine. Specifically "video" - just gentamicin.
And I think more important - is that you in the Russian language, the query input. Try to Kazakh. Or search settings change
April 3rd 20 at 17:30
video is gentamicine saprai - and no matter what your domain site kz, ru, org, com, etc. As you recommend above, try all the descriptions, etc. to be done in Kazakh. As well as promoting gentamicine requests - pick up keys, make descriptions, etc.

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