Is it possible once to visit all the vertices connected non-directed graph and return to the starting vertex?

What algorithm can be used to bypass all vertices of the graph once to return to the starting vertex.
The graph is connected, undirected.
April 3rd 20 at 17:29
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April 3rd 20 at 17:31
Is it possible to visit all the vertices of the graph and go back to start?

Thank you.
Seriously, you don't know the count, so good luck. - Shanie_Armstrong98 commented on April 3rd 20 at 17:34
@leopold, What question such and the answer. - Peggie32 commented on April 3rd 20 at 17:37
@Cole, the question is below. Do not litter the forum with their spam. - Shanie_Armstrong98 commented on April 3rd 20 at 17:40
@leopold, firstly this is not a forum, and secondly it you clog it with spam and stupid questions. There are entire textbooks on graph theory at the University two semesters I taught the theory of graphs, it is more solid and robust even in the 60s the discipline in which exhaustively describes the graph traversal algorithms, directed and not, connected and not. And you instead turn the brain to read three pages in Google fill the toaster a blueprint the same question "how to turn on the computer", "how to turn off the computer", "how to switch the computer". - Peggie32 commented on April 3rd 20 at 17:43
April 3rd 20 at 17:33
Judging by the description, you need a Hamiltonian path.

This problem is NP-complete therefore, a simple and fast algorithm to humankind is not known. You can do a complete recovery again and heuristics. Some methods are simulated annealing or genetic algorithms can work faster, but it does not exactly have a long and painful poking around that would it work.

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