Change in the structure of the site, when a few cities?

Situation: was the website gymnastics school in St. Petersburg, with good positions in St. Petersburg requests. This website has a section of articles, separate pages for each branch in St. Petersburg and other informational pages. With the opening of branches in Moscow, there was a website on the subdomain msk.gymbalance.ruvery section articles, separate pages for each branch.

Now the question arose to rewrite the site and laying the correct logic. As a variant to make the Federal page and subdomains for each city the msk.gymbalance, and others, under projects,

1. The correct idea? Is there a better way to tie all the projects under one name?
2. How to minimize the sagging of the search traffic in the first place to Peter, because is General information, and new subdomain. That is for information pages and pages for each St. Petersburg branch, their domain will change it?
3. The block of articles grouped under the main domain, or should each subdomain to write your articles?
April 3rd 20 at 17:32
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April 3rd 20 at 17:34
Good day!

  1. Yes, that's right. Your logic is correct. Subdomains of your website is normally ranked by regional queries in Yandex.

  2. You create a subdomain for "spb" with relevant content. And see how in this case the search engines will rank your St. Petersburg requests. If they pererytitsa on a subdomain, you can easily rewrite the main distribution

  3. Informational pages are not bound by their requests to the regions – they gentamicine. So it would be logical to leave them on the main domain.
Thank you, that is, the site on the subdomain spb will be completely new? As with resources that refer to the website: maps, aggregators? There to change the links in a subdomain or write to the main domain? - Reva_Ankunding commented on April 3rd 20 at 17:37
@Reva_Ankunding, the site in the spb will not be perceived by search engines as new, if you know about it and are afraid to get into the sandbox.
In the maps and aggregators better to add a link to a subdomain that lists St. Petersburg office (it was 2 links: the main domain and subdomain at spb) - Lisette.Weber commented on April 3rd 20 at 17:40

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