Is posting on the wiki scans of cards from Board games or at least the text from the card?

Suppose there is a resource like Wikipedia dedicated to one Board game. The structure is such that each phenomenon in this game, and each map on a dedicated page.

Usually on every page of the wiki decided to do at least one relevant picture. It is therefore logical that if the entire page is devoted to a single map, this page should be all about this card, including how it looks, and also the text written on it. Plus, of course, the details of the application in the game, features etc. in an encyclopedic style.

In fact, the questions on copyright:
1) is it Possible on this page will upload a scan/screenshot of the map?
2) is it Possible on this page to quote the text of the card exactly as it is on the map?

Doubt is,
On the one hand, in this situation, the scan and the text used for the purpose of quotation and teaching, that is, the wiki does not retrieve the direct benefit. On the contrary, it's free advertising for the game.
On the other hand, the exact scan of the card, but rather all the cards it is in fact almost all game content, and it is posted on the wiki.
However, the wiki on the game with a copy of the card is not a copy of the game, it is impossible to play. In General, everything is difficult.
April 3rd 20 at 17:33
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April 3rd 20 at 17:35
It is in a grey area and depends on the "borzosti" publisher. Copyright is a pure "fair use non-free content", which is determined solely by the court (no clear criteria), and if the publisher want to close — will close. A couple of tips.
1. Put this quality to the text barely readable.
2. The use of each non-free images must be justified.

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