Strange brake system?

The situation is the following, this spring by launching Battlefield 1, I turned off the PC. Nothing serious happened, I thought, and tried to run that iron machine did not give sign of life, turned off the switch on the PSU, waited and tried again to run. He took off, the motherboard squeaked about the problems with the video card. Subsequent runs have occurred through time, sometimes only worked the 2nd monitor, sometimes on the ground was a red ruffle. After the first time, the system began hysterically to slow down when speaking in the conditional Discharge, it was necessary to move the cursor and immediately began (and begin) plugging sound brakes when opening programs, etc. Crash VLC player when playing videos, but not always. The old card finally died, and I went to buy a new one, hoping that all of the above will disappear, but no. After installing the new video card, the situation has not changed. Games only work in dx12 on 11m load on the GPU jump, fps respectively, too. About frametime generally better not to talk, he for the second out. Well, all the other pleasures of the brakes. As an experiment, put 7ku 10ку and other hard, everything is absolutely well. Drove the system Aida, farmakom, no problem. In stress tests, everything works like a Swiss watch. memtest also passes. Nutrition drawdowns no. The BIOS was also updated, PCI-E I tried to put in different modes, zero response.

  • The Xeon Processor X5660
  • M/B Supermicro X8DTU
  • Memory 12 GB 1366 MHz (4+4+4) in 3 channel mode
  • PSU evga 750bq
  • Video Sapphire RX 570#4g is connected through a pci-e x16 riser.

The processor does not overheat, but like the other iron, and about acceleration speech does not go, the fee server.
Problems appeared after the first such hang-UPS, before that everything was perfect. Could there be a problem in the motherboard, or some Chinese raiser, or simply to throw out the trash and buy a new one ? But then how to explain the dump the old maps...
p.s. On the second CDM is a Mac, and it oddly enough, works fine, that is until the death of the old card after that.
April 3rd 20 at 17:33
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