Where to move in 3D?

Hello! Understand that the most stupid, but still.
Started to learn blender. Learned to do all sorts of simple low poly scene type https://vk.cc/a7RR31 without prompting (done with the reference of the final render of the tutorial).
Stood in a standstill. In what direction to move on? Similar scenes, in principle I can do this and more, and I still like them, but in the future I don't think this is the right vector of development.

As I understand it, then it makes sense to go in realism? Try to do high-polygon objects, scenes, etc. In these scenes as I understand it time will be spent disproportionately.

Another basic question - I would love to develop rather in the creation of the characters. But this direction is quite different from what I'm doing now. In this regard, it should probably go in zbrush, because the sense of trying to do the sculpt in blender? Or did sculpting in blender is not so bad and you can start with it?

Just very dazzled in what areas can be developed and from this arises a stupor.

Thank you
April 3rd 20 at 17:34
2 answers
April 3rd 20 at 17:36
Change direction - change optimal working tool.
This is logical!
April 3rd 20 at 17:38
3D is not the end of the simulation, or you only are interested in it?
Even if it - hapoli also be able to, even if the project of low-poly models are used, the normal maps to them are based on high poly.
Well, except for the modeling - work with materials and textures that is bound to the light.
There is also animation (apart from the rigging, and mocap, but simulation of all kinds of interactions, scenes rarely remain static).
So what are the options for the development lot, not only about what models are you going to do, or it was necessary to clarify that you are only interested in modeling, if so, ZBrush is a very useful tool for this, but something like that is possible and a blender to do, but Zebra features.

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