Why in oracle pl/sql trigger does not respond to all rows that I insert into the table?

I have Oracle PL/SQL there is a table:
This is a table of shots. I have people who are involved in the competition for accuracy in shooting. The column name describes the name of the shooter, column x shows the coordinate of the point of contact of the bullet x and column y shows the coordinate of the point being hit by a bullet y. Means that the data will be made immediately the three lines after the shoots each team consisting of 3 people. Here is the query that inserts the results of a shot:
insert all 
into no (name, x, y)
values ('Bill', 12, 61)
into no (name, x, y)
values ('Marat', 150, 85)
into no (name, x, y)
values ('Ivan', 18, 13)
select * from dual;

There is one restriction. You cannot record in the result table, in which x > 120. Therefore, it was written a trigger that cancels the insert of a row, where x > 120. Here is his code:
create or replace trigger delet_shot
 before INSERT on shots
for each row
 if (:new.x > 120) then
 raise_application_error(-20000, 'Arrows missed the target');
 end if;

And now, in fact, what the issue is. When I perform an insert into the table shown above, I have due to the fact that in the request there is a line that can't be inserted because the trigger does not insert the other two lines (1 and 3) which is correct and under the trigger actions do not fall. Please tell me how to fix it and write a trigger that one insert will put all the correct lines and not to let wrong. That is, to 1 and 3 line, as they are correct, was inserted into the table, and the 2 row was not inserted because it is wrong. Thank you!
April 3rd 20 at 17:35
1 answer
April 3rd 20 at 17:37
The request is a single transaction - if something deteriorates, it rolls back the entire transaction.
Please send a separate transaction.
It is implied that the user will enter this information in one request)
Thank you for your attention to my request, I already found the solution to this problem) - Herta_Hoeger commented on April 3rd 20 at 17:40

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