Can I use laravel auth in a clean 6.2 install on iis?

Did everything according to instructions (not for the first time, just before that was 5.x version). Ranting pages are displayed but when you try to register or login gives just a blank window and the status 500.

For other errors (for example if you call a non-existent view or User::count() before migration will create the table) gets the standard whoops with the correct call stack and other things. If you cause php errors outside of laravel, the php logs regularly all fall.
It's totally quiet, and in the logs php and in the iis logs and in the logs of laravel.
April 3rd 20 at 17:39
1 answer
April 3rd 20 at 17:41
The whole thing was wrong in the IIS setup. Not a single post request to larabel not passed. When you install 7.2 php via web platform installer, it somehow sets along with php 5.3. Figured it out in sequence - first create a route with a call to both the get and post request. Get it opened, and through post - no. Then I put a file with phpinfo() next. When you open a get he gave 7.2, using a post 5.3. It turned out that in web.config a list of methods for a handler for php 5.3 was separated by commas without spaces: GET,HEAD,POST, and 7.2 - with spaces: GET, HEAD, POST. Did the same (without the spaces) - laravel start. Apparently, the gaps he did not find methods other than get, which was the first and was looking for the next handler, and found 5.3 to 5.3 logs I found these errors. An asterisk (*) in my case it is impossible to put to options request for cors was own iis module, it is used in other places. Someone that might do that. Unfortunately, through the interface of fix will fail (only via "configuration editor") because the assignment of handlers requires a path with spaces to score in quotes, and the fastCGI handler without the quotes :)

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