How to allow connection to a proxy server in the firewall?

The problem is this: block all outbound traffic on the PC with windows 10, except for allowed connections(browsers should be easy to go to the Internet, local connectivity and .t.d.). PCs go to Internet through a transparent proxy.

What to do:
1) the firewall is disabled outgoing connections, in addition to predetermined.
2) set up rules for local outgoing connections.
*now is the time to release a browser in the Internet*
3) create a rule cutting Chrome, IE, Edge to go anywhere.
*check, receive the "unable to access website"*
4) create a rule cutting pings anywhere.
*check pinguy and, pinged*
5) prescribe properties of the browser proxy server.
*check, receive a "No Internet connection"*
4) create a rule cutting any connection to the port of the proxy server.
*check all browsers walk in an Internet(even if you disable a rule in the firewall)*
*put skype and he quietly connects to the Internet*
*hmm, the investigator all programs can go in the Internet*

All further stupor. Tell me what can I adjust, that the only allowed rules firewall program could walk in an Internet.
April 3rd 20 at 17:41
1 answer
April 3rd 20 at 17:43
The issue was resolved! All actions are done on virtual reality and hyper-v, network essitono behind a NAT, that was the problem.

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