Not Vue-form consisting of several Vue components. How to make?

There are the usual form of the non-vue-component. It displays in a loop a few vue-components:
<form action="someUrl" method="post">
@foreach($questions as $question)
 {{ $question->title }}
 <answer id="{{ $question->id }}"></answer>
 <file-uploader :id="{{ $question->id }}"></file-uploader>
<button type="submit">Send</button>

Each component can itself be validated. Question:
It does not give the form to send the data, if any component is invalid?

PS: more Interested in the correctness of the approach in General. Is it necessary in such cases to wrap it all in a single component, the meaning of which is just validation of the child? Is there a way to create a universal component that, being a parent, will do simple validation of children (slots?)?
Again, if you create a single component, inside of which appears a lot child, then first you need to transfer a lot of data inside of a parent that he already created everything. Anyway it turns out one form = one additional component.
In short, interested in the correct practice!
April 3rd 20 at 17:41
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