Is it possible to make home ftp server from the old PC?

A friend sells old server PERC xeon 3065, 2GB RAM and hard. Does it fit under the home ftp server? I would like to roll on it Linux and to deliver a file Manager sprutio. How many resources are required to this server and will it be enough?
April 3rd 20 at 17:42
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April 3rd 20 at 17:44
Fit, but the power consumption at Zion is not really 65W
Intel® Xeon® Processor 3065
The whole system will consume about 80W less, if not pathetic, that is normal.
(average electricity 230-250 rubles per month., if 24/7)

And, IMHO, better on the Atom's spin, they have only 10-15W consumption.

PS: IMHO the hard part is the interface that runs on the client side, so that the Zion and the atom is more than enough.
April 3rd 20 at 17:46
It is, even dev will be able to raise.
April 3rd 20 at 17:48
I have a home server at one time lived on the Raspberry Pi. Samba, ftp, git. This piece of iron enough for the eyes.

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