How to make BIOS downloaded usb in efi mode?

How to make BIOS downloaded usb in efi mode?
I have two systems: Windows and Linux next 10. I installed Linux after Windows 10, and why there was no item "Install alongside Windows 10", although previously this item was when it was Windows 7... so I had to put manually Linux alongside Windows 10, it was delivered well, but the point is that for some reason when you boot the PC it only sees the top-10, but Linux does not see, and even choose between the two OS no. A feeling that the bootloader grub isn't installed, although Live in the same Linux system sees the divided sections, and the hornbeam. He probably weighs somewhere 100 MB in fat 32. Most likely this is it, now, when you restore the bootloader — there is such a program directly in Linux, when restoring the boot loader why is that there is a bug, they say, is the legacy mode, and you can't recover from this mode, but supposedly from EFI mode can, and select the EFI mode when you restart in the BIOS. But I can't find this mode. To make program of pereustanovit hornbeam.
April 3rd 20 at 17:45
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April 3rd 20 at 17:47
Enable uefi mode and select the appropriate item in the boot menu. The edit should be created for booting in uefi.

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