Preliminary knowledge for the study of Analysis of Algorithms?

For the beginner with a minimum threshold of knowledge is the school curriculum. Besides it need anything else to know ?

Also when you are a novice programmer should learn at first, or to score from time to time ?

P. S I bought the book 6 months ago George.Maconel active learning approach analysis of algorithms. The maximum that I can take from there is a complete solution for my practice. Well, I plan to put it in the list of studied me literature.

P. S2 I Google and andexer before you ask a question in this community.
April 3rd 20 at 17:45
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April 3rd 20 at 17:47
For the analysis of algorithms, no special training is necessary. Enough ability to think logically and minimum knowledge of mathematics of level even lower than the average school.
But to study them after firmly mastered at least one programming language, and will learn almost, but not in pure theory.
Generally speaking, the main purpose of this course is not teaching you specific algorithms, or even provide you with ready-made solutions specific range of tasks (be very specific, and limited, by the way), as the development of the so-called algorithmic thinking. But it is still very necessary if you aspire to become a programmer developer, not just a coder.

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