WooCommerce — how to combine "flat" structure of categories and subcategories and breadcrumbs with the nesting?

The question is - at the moment the url look like
magazin.ru/cat/kategoria-1/podkategoria-1/ and so must:
But the crumbs should keep the nesting Home/Category1/Подкатегория1/
That is, for categories and subcategories needed the same principle as the products themselves.. They just have the url magazin.ru/product/tovarA
Although the subcategory as for example available at magazin.ru/cat/podkategoria-1/ (you can assign it to canonical) but in the url still crumbs /cat/kategoria-1/podkategoria-1/

How to implement it ? Plugin or script to order?
April 3rd 20 at 17:46
0 answer

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