How to display image from json in apk?

Hello, please help a newbie android programmer.
I'm doing an application with tests. My app displays the question and answers. I want to add the functionality of adding questions still photo. Questions are taken from the json file. My thoughts are to add another pair key-value in json file already with pictures. I guess images are best kept in the drawable folder. And the questions begin
1. How to specify the path to this picture file in json?
"question": "What is depicted in the illustration of the coastal information sign?",
"answers": [
"The maximum speed wodoslawsky courts 15 km/h",
"Width of the channel is 15 m",
"The depth of the river 15 m",
"The height of the surface of the transition 15 m"
"correct_answer": 3,
"question_category": "1",
"picture": "/res/drawable/v1b1.jpg" <------- this is the title of the picture. "this path is a relative path to it?
2. How to display images from json to the questions, and that they scale appropriately.

Recently started to study apk so many stupid questions.

3. Trying to parse a json string with a photo picture similar how to understand others. When you run prilagodi lost questions.

public void parseJson(String jsonData) {
 try {

 JsonObjMain JSONObject = new JSONObject(jsonData);
 JSONArray jsonArray = jsonObjMain.getJSONArray(AppConstants.JSON_KEY_QUESTIONNAIRY);

 for (int i = 0; i < jsonArray.length(); i++) {
 JSONObject jsonObj = jsonArray.getJSONObject(i);

 //String picture = jsonObj.getString(AppConstants.JSON_KEY_PICTURE);
 String question = jsonObj.getString(AppConstants.JSON_KEY_QUESTION);
 int correctAnswer = Integer.parseInt(jsonObj.getString(AppConstants.JSON_KEY_CORRECT_ANS));
 String categoryId = jsonObj.getString(AppConstants.JSON_KEY_CATEGORY_ID);

 Log.d("TAG", categoryId.toString());

 JsonArray2 JSONArray = jsonObj.getJSONArray(AppConstants.JSON_KEY_ANSWERS);
 ArrayList<String> contents = new ArrayList<>();
 ArrayList<String> backgroundColors = new ArrayList<>();
 for (int j = 0; j < jsonArray2.length(); j++) {
 String item_title = jsonArray2.get(j).toString();
 if (mCategoryId.equals(categoryId)) {
 mItemList.add(new QuizModel(question, contents, correctAnswer, categoryId, backgroundColors));

 mQuestionsCount = mItemList.size();


 } catch (JSONException e) {

This line kills //String picture = jsonObj.getString(AppConstants.JSON_KEY_PICTURE); if raccomandati
April 3rd 20 at 17:48
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