How to use the script from GitHub to store information (messages, photos, etc.) of Yahoo Groups?

1) There is such service – Yahoo Groups. On the website it was possible to communicate, post pictures to arrange interviews, etc. unfortunately, Yahoo had decided all of this information to remove. I found a way (script) that, according to developers, allows you to save all posted information (messages, photos, etc.). Found here: unfortunately, there is a problem: I have nothing, absolutely NOTHING about programming, don't understand what is the script to GitHub, Python and how to use it. The only thing I understood from the description is that you need to copy the 2 parameters T and Y cookies (I got it) and somewhere to enter them (where?) and like to use some Python. Tried to enter data on the command line, nothing happened, downloaded the Python – there is nothing entered (no opportunity to paste the copied). Huge request – details, step by step, as simply and clearly explain what needs to be done (again, I'm not versed in programming languages).
2) Also, the description says that the script saves the information in JSON format (which like as not very easy to use) and using another program ( can convert the information in a more convenient format mbox. So also please explain how to use this script too.
April 3rd 20 at 18:00
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