How to legally get the money is a partner of the Partnership in the United States, living in Russia?

Plan to open a partnership with a partner in the United States, all officially, legally. Never found a way to get the money in Russia from conducting activities in the framework of this partnership. What options are there to ensure that you didn't knock the masked men from the IRS with a bad mood? As I need to take your status here (not same IP)? As I understand it, there is no double taxation.

Interesting variants are possible.

Thank you

General partnership

General partnership (General Partnership) or simply the partnership operates on the basis of the partnership act and the agreement between the partners, if any. Legislation governing partnerships is dispositive. They are applied by the courts in the case if entrepreneurs formed the partnership has not entered into a written contract, or if it is incomplete. Partners have equal rights in the management and the assets of the partnership, unless otherwise determined in the agreement between them. When establishing a new partnership, a legal entity not formally formed. However, partnerships have characteristics of an independent business enterprise. They have the right to be entered in the register of business enterprises and to enter into relationships with third parties as a separate firm, etc. As individual businesses, entrepreneurs, partnerships have unlimited liability for the partnership's liabilities. Liability is joint and several in nature. This means that third parties may submit property claim to one of the partners, who will forward it, minus their share of the other partner. On disposal of one of the partners or when entering a new partnership usually ceases to exist, i.e. it must be reissued. Business activities may be interrupted.

General partnership governed by the uniform partnership act /Uniform Partnership Act/ enacted in 1914 and in force in 44 States /50/. Partnership in the US does not pay taxes, because taxes are paid on income included in its composition of entrepreneurs. Partnerships, however, make out tax returns. Then each partner sent special form K1, establishing his share in the profits and losses of the partnership. She submitted to the tax authorities together with the Declaration of individual incomes. The tax is imposed not only funds that are made available to the partners, but also reinvested part of the income of partners.

A limited liability partnership

The main feature of limited liability partnership /Limited Partnership/ is the presence of two categories of participants - partners with full and limited liability. The limited partners liable for the obligations of the partnership only to the extent of their contribution. Usually partners do business partnership with full liability and limited partners play a passive role investors. The number of participants is usually limited partnerships. Partnerships are a convenient form of enterprises highly qualified specialists for professional activity in the field of legal and financial services, medicine, etc. Usually it is the small and medium-sized enterprises . However, there are cases when in the form of partnerships functioned very large enterprises. In particular, the quality of partnerships was a leading audit firms, including those that are among the "big six" auditing companies.

As partners can be both individuals and legal entities. In the United States are governed by the Uniform partnership act, limited partnership /Uniform Limited Partnership Act/ enacted in 1916, and in force in 47 States, and Fixed uniform law / Revised Uniform Limited Partnership Act, 1978 /. To create a partnership requires at least one full and one limited partner. Building partnerships requires some official formalities: partners should provide the Secretariat of the state of their signed certificate, which contains information about the kind of activity of partnership, its membership, capital structure, etc. From the tax point of view, the situation of the limited partnerships are similar to General partnerships.

In General, the partnership as the organizational form of business in the United States play a much greater role than we have the Russian equivalent of the partnership. The partnership is very widely used in international business and offshore schemes. In connection with the tax reform of 1986, the benefits that had in the US of partnerships relative to corporations has declined significantly. This is due to the fact that corporations having the status of small /small corporation and were exempt from taxes on corporations.

Thus, the tax position of partnerships and small corporations virtually equal. The only remaining tax advantage of partnerships is that the number of members in the United States is not limited. A small Corporation may not have more than 35 members. In addition, a shareholder cannot be a foreigner, and a member of the partnership - and it is quite common. Partnership pushed and this is a relatively new form of business as a company with limited liability.
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well, as an option...
open Yur face. hereinafter - the agreement, what,where, how, why. For example, the contract of compensated service and price.
pay You to R\S . and with this money, and pay taxes. + contributions to pensionku and so on. (like right now around 35K)
There are two times to pay the tax? In the US, I was given 10% for maintenance activities. In fact, I get SN+reward (m. b. otherwise call, correct). - Colin commented on April 3rd 20 at 18:30
April 3rd 20 at 18:29
legally to have no problems here at all no

looking for: 1) possession of accounts abroad - how to notify what types of payments you can get
2) then crushing zakonodatelsva on KIK
3) then to the consultation , in NALOGOVOY better, better in the capital(s)

and then glued all the papers and the notification together, dividends create a account in the United States, and from there to your account here correctly calculate taxes, pay, report
how good I remember the conversations with accountants, in Russia it is very problematichno. no instructions tax, they don ' t know how to do that) - ricard commented on April 3rd 20 at 18:32
I didn't ask the accountants, nobody knows the clear answers. - Colin commented on April 3rd 20 at 18:35
well, they do this every day, and you just lie/dissemble

but - if not necessary - not worth it - Albina.Lang commented on April 3rd 20 at 18:38
@Albina.Lang, the fact of the matter is, practicing accountants, but apparently life doesn't cling.
so looking for an answer, willing to pay sane specialist for a consultation, however, such people have not yet found in their environment. Lawyer partner is also no cuts in our legislation. - Colin commented on April 3rd 20 at 18:41
in the MSC's who cut
is there any need to work with the laws and poperepisyvatsya with tax, that's all - Albina.Lang commented on April 3rd 20 at 18:44
@Albina.Lang, I was in tax, there are no consultations on this question. To say how much money you already have - easily, the rest is beyond comprehension :)

Throw someone coordinates a technician is ready to pay for advice. - Colin commented on April 3rd 20 at 18:47
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1. Notify the tax office about participation in the CFC
2. Open a Russian Bank in foreign currency account in dollars.
3. Distribute income to himself, as partner, at the expense
4. File your tax return with the Russian tax and pay personal income tax of 13%.

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