Local mail server as an intermediary between the mail server of the hoster?

Good day!
There is a mail server at the hosting company, rudders from him at all (only the creation of mailboxes and reset passwords), I want local, and the charms of domain authentication, the prohibition of attachments, etc.
Is there a possibility that would be raised by me, the local server was a sort of mediator between the server host, i.e. that he went on a hosting server and with the mailbox getting the mail in their mailboxes (domain names, servers are different, but user logins are the same) and the users have taken with it.
If there is tell me how this is called in what direction to dig.
PS: the server host - postfix, zimbra my local
April 3rd 20 at 18:24
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April 3rd 20 at 18:26
No mail server, usually this is a combination of SMTP server, POP3 and IMAP servers. In effect by the way like Postfix as the SMTP.
Mail server host receives mail via SMTP and lays it on the mailboxes accordingly to pick up mail from your host you need POP3 or IMAP and this should be done by each user separately (like Zimbra there is a possibility of the user to retrieve mail from external mailboxes via IMAP, but configures this for everyone)

Option number two, you your domain to prescribe their effect in the MX record for the domain and get all mail for a domain for themselves and themselves taxi mailboxes. But you must have a static IP
April 3rd 20 at 18:28
I do not quite understand what you want.
In my experience was to configure fetchmail, officemailserver, kerio, sendmail and distribution of local boxes.
Provider by the way was a shared mailbox for all, the sorter then laid out in separate boxes and copied to the Director.

As for the local server, then configure a forwarder in LAN. It will be clubbing too big letters, internal correspondence and forwarding to the upstream server.

Mailforward articles on the Internet is enough for your system https://www.zimbra.com/desktop7/help/en_US/Userspe...
April 3rd 20 at 18:30
Was thinking the same thing, but was postponed for a non-specific term
1) the Host restricts the resources - number of connections, number of letters (especially upload) - you have to pay
2) the Collector mail in zimbra briefcase - like there, but every minute run won't - see point 1. the delay in receiving emails.
3) set up zimbra - have each client handles to prescribe the POP connector. if 1-20 users still normal, but if 1000.
4) the Collector say there, but to send this I got up ))). Laziness))). On the idea of playing with MX records. You have 2 mail servers:
1st the host - it has a higher priority - it all falls down
2nd you have with white IP (required) - the lower priority, but in DNS it is also prescribed and send it from your domain. Mail should go.

I think the issue is solved.
Come to a hoster and ask him the same question - if normal then immediately billed ))) and all set up for 10000$ (just kidding)

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