Autocomplete and autosuggest gives curves the results?

A horrible curve and crude, in products JetBrains this functionality Taliban, in VS 2019 this functionality at the level of 2001. Offers the results avtomobilnye not.

scene->getPshyWor // getReferenceCount 
scene->gPW // init 
scene->getPhyWorld // getPosition

And it was necessary only to getPhysicsWorld, I realize that this is apparently an impossible task because it gives more than 3 000+ results, like ~, Ref, INVALID_TAG , and all, all the rubbish that exists.

bool GameScene::onContactBegin(cocos2d::PhysicsContact& contact)

CTRL + SPACEBAR generates 0 tips for any variables, objects, etc.

It's such a krivost only in 2019 or as adopted in all the products of jerseys?
April 3rd 20 at 18:24
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