How to organize deployment and tests?


- Developed several web projects in php/mysql/vue/js repository in Bitbacket, deploy via teamcity
Practically there is no distinction between the branches
- No auto tests
- Docker is not being used
- the team is small, dedicated qa no

- To translate the development branch
- Each branch automatically create a separate web environment in a test environment for visual testing
- Implement automated tests and run them for each commit

To deploy TeamCity to do that every time you commit:
- Determines in which branch the commit was
I love everything about this branch from the repository
- Runs the test Suite using docker for this thread on a domain: (if entourage is already running, kill the old and starts new)
- Performs tests and, accordingly, signals the success of their performance (or separate commands via teamsite, or script tokenfile)

Optimal this decision?
April 3rd 20 at 18:29
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