How to choose a sql database + c# for a project, a lot of information without accurate advice, it is difficult to choose?

I want to select a \ record \ read \ delete \ modify columns, rows in the table will be big size of data for web applications and win.

What's the best way you can recommend using C #language
How to understand that better, everywhere a lot of information, but can not lay down a precise definition for the start of the creation priacta.
1) MS Sql server or sqllite or mongoDB or PostegresDB, RabbitSQL some other

2) how to use information about the data, trim big data for small parts and search in multi-threading, was the advice to use async, I think how to use it better or how to work. The goal is to create a database to store positions for about 50,000 products\articles\pages, tags, categories, how best to create?
split by 1 000 lines of 50 bases to search each column on a line or a single table to use, what experiments were conducted, which code is better - sqlite - just as one file - I think will not work, will long hang sometimes, perhaps, and how to be sort to data in the database permanently was also sorted to facilitate the search

3) What is the best solution to 1 part of the query, query filter, multispray from multiple users for stores and NetWork RPG Game Multi Online world for example using winForm games\unity web games with quests and online multiplayer world format?

4) to correctly select the equipment and the project was optimized for recording and retrieving data from the database and displayed to users
April 3rd 20 at 18:32
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April 3rd 20 at 18:34
Thank you, what can you say about the Azur, for the free period for startups, did I understand correctly that you can get up to 12 months free use of certain facilities or services have You used?
Not bad byloby to gain access to use for the initial growth of the project for 1 year, free content database on the server maykrasoft or am I wrong and thoughtless in this matter and finding a solution to the problem discussion? What can I say?
April 3rd 20 at 18:36
I have experience with MS SQL Server, also worked with MySQL and SQLite.
MS SQL Server is quite easy and copes well with large volumes of data - think it will fit you better than others.
Free version Express 10 GB is good.
You have only 50 000 of goods\articles\pages, tags, categories ... quite a small amount.
Brakes, unless of course the indexes correctly will create under heavy requests.

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